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5 Ways to get the most out of summer

August 03, 2017


Summer is here and we feel like people don’t truly embrace it like they should. So we’ve built a small list of ways we believe you can enjoy summer just that little bit more!

1. Take a day away from social media.
It’s weird how that sounds so daunting in modern day life. We bet most people haven’t had a day completely without social media in some form for ages unless you’re somewhere where the internet signal is just that bad. It’s nothing to be ashamed of like some want us to be believe. It’s just the modern world we’re a part of and evolved into. Besides any other generation would have done the same if they could have.
But sometimes it’s good to not look at social media. Forget the wider world and focus on the world directly in front of you. Ignore what everyone else is doing and what everyone else is eating (we all know someone that constantly posts photos of their food) and (what’s classed as too much writing in brackets?) do what you’re doing. You’ll feel better for it. Think about the memories you’re making for yourself and not the hashtags you’ll post about it later. Just remember to go on social media just for a minute to keep the snap streaks alive though (we’ll allow that). You don’t want to lose any friends over the summer.

2. Be a tourist in your own area.
Try not to be too eager with this point and put on a fanny pack but go and see the area that you live in! The world looks so much different in the summer light and there are always places near you that you haven’t seen and you really need to!
But it’s not just about sightseeing; in British suburbia (my geography teacher would technically call it the urban-rural fringe) the only sights to see are when the bins don’t collected on time. Uproar.
Instead you could go to a local market as you would do if you were abroad (pretend you don’t know the language for added effect). Maybe take the scenic route by walking somewhere instead of driving and definitely take walks. There are always hidden paths that lead to hidden places. Explore like you’re playing Skyrim. If you get that reference we like you.

3. Don’t rely on the weather.
We know quite a few of the visitors to our website and readers of our blog are from warmer climates of the world, but most like us live in a colder climate.
We all like planning things for the upcoming summer like a big BBQ where you’ll invite everyone you know or going to an outdoor music festival… you get the idea! You feel almost obliged to plan everything outdoor to make the most of the summer before the colder months return. But then you get to a week before the event and start checking the forecast maybe once or twice a day, just watching it change from rain, to sun, to showers… to snow. Trust us, that’s oh so reminiscent of the great British summer. If the weather does take a turn for the worst on your day you feel like it’s ruined it; everyone hiding inside from the elements until some brave soul risks it all to go out and light the BBQ. But what is the best way for the weather to not ruin your summer? Don’t rely on it and don’t expect it to do you any favours. It smells fear. Just smile and get on with it. Time is too short for a bit of rain to ruin a great memory. Go dance in the in , go jump in a puddle, go be that person that holds the umbrella over the chief barbecuer (the true heroes). But if not, always have a plan B. Preferably a plan C.

4. Do summery things.
Kind of seems obvious doesn’t it? But it is so so (so) true! We’re not going to tell you what to do with your summer; no that’s all you. But mix it up a bit and experience summer the way that the ‘winter you ‘  wishes you did. Sure in winter you’ll be inside a lot more. That’s kind of understandable, we won’t judge, but when the weather gets better embrace summer by going outside and doing stuff that only comes with the season. Go for a picnic (take quavers), find a hammock and take a nap in it, go camping, drink a drink with an umbrella in it and then have another one, catching a sunset without nearly shivering to death is always a bonus. Also anything on a roof is popular these days (bar, cinema), so do something on a roof (but be safe). If none of them inspire you then have a can of Laimon Fresh.

and finalllyyyyyyyy
5. Enjoy the small things.
We can’t emphasise this enough to you. You should remember it not only during the summer but for the rest of your life. The big things in life are overrated (we promise this isn’t being written by a short person, no really). The bigger things usually come round rarely and involve money and some form of stress, think about it! The small things are everywhere, the little bits of joy that come into your life every day that people tend to miss.
We’re big fans of waking up on a sunny day with the sound of someone mowing their lawn in their distance (not sure if we’re just extremely weird), because it usually signifies the weekend! The smell of freshly mown grass or the aroma of a newly lit barbecue signifies the greatest of your summer days. Any kind of small vibe that brings a smile to your face is what you’re aiming for!

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