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Autumn Memories

November 16, 2017


People scream and throw themselves behind the sofa as they utter the words, it’s autumn. But it’s one of our favourite times of year (definitely in our top four seasons) and it should be yours too! We’re sure most people started autumn reminiscing back over their summer and glancing at the BBQ they should have cleaned out back in July (we’re pretty sure it's had time to cool). But you shouldn’t fret, summer will be back eventually. Just don’t wish the next 9 or so months away as though they’re the build up to the summer and only that alone.
Autumn begins with darker nights, the colder mornings and probably Christmas stuff already in the shops. Leaving for work in the dark and coming back in the dark as though nothing has changed. It’s the time of the year where the sun warms your face but the cold bites your ears. The leaves alter colour and start falling to the ground, creating sunset paths that crunch as you walk across them. The landscape seems somewhat bigger as the foliage disappears, extending the misty horizon. Not sure if we’ve sold autumn enough to you yet? If not then read on! Too many people see autumn as an end and the beginning of ‘the cold dark times’, seeing the colder months as times to get through rather than to be experienced through and through. Ok, yes the weather does slowly get worse and you will probably spend more time inside than you would like. But sitting round a warm crackling fire whilst looking at the rain outside, isn’t the worst thing in the world. Oh hot chocolate! Did we mention hot chocolate? With or without marshmallows we’ll let you decide.

For the hardened adventurer however, those that merely laugh at the rain and harsh cold, there’s never a bad time to go out exploring. Countless days we’ve spent out adventuring in the cold and rain, the days where you can see your breath crystalize as you exhale, days where you worry if you’ll ever feel your hands again. The land is empty, the pathways are clear. You notice the environment is hush as nature rears its head and calls it a year. Rhyme. You have almost free reign and the elements seem your challenge and yours alone, plus why wait a whole year to go out exploring?
This is autumn in Britain by the way not winter, we’ll get to that.
Autumn has its perks. Memories you share with your friends and family during the darker months can be warmer than those of any a summers day. You can stay at home binge watching television and movies with worrying amounts of junk food without having to feel guilty (who feels guilty anyway?). In the UK we have bonfire night where fireworks light up the night, you get over charged to stand in a cramped muddy field for an event that takes place in the sky; audiences record the whole event on their phones knowing full well they’ll never watch it again. Your home feels more homely when you get in as it’s warmer than the arctic conditions outside and the only place that doesn’t smell of gunpowder. But it’s autumn. It’s cold and perfect in its own way. Plus don’t forget the build up to Christmas apart from the last few days is all autumn. Autumn isn’t all that bad. It’s a quarter of your year so don’t count through it, but make it count.

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