Free delivery to uk orders over £30

Free delivery to uk orders over £30

MAGNI supports SSAFA Norton House

August 11, 2016


We are delighted to announce that, for the remainder of the month of August and up until the 11th September 2016, 10% of all of our sales will go to SSAFA Norton House.
SSAFA Norton House – Selly Oak is situated near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. The house provides a home from home for service personnel, veterans and their families whilst their loved ones are receiving medical treatment.

A recent guest of the house is Andrew Wardle MC. Andrew was awarded his military cross by running 160ft, that’s more than half the length of a football pitch, across open ground in full view of the enemy and under fire to rescue an injured Afghan child. His medal citation said ‘he has displayed selfless and repeated acts of exemplary gallantry in the face of the enemy.’
In his words, Norton House resembles a “home from home” and it had “everything a guest needed”. Andrew isn’t the only guest. Since Norton House – Selly Oak opened in February 2009 it has accommodated 2,400 guests each with their own unique story. In every case, Norton House has provided a safe haven for them, when either they or their loved ones have been receiving treatment. SSAFA is the oldest military charity founded in 1885, standing for Soldiers Sailors Airmen Families Association, and it has continued through the years to provide support for the military community.

The charity is dependent on public support and here at MAGNI we can think of no better cause to support.

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