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Why we use bamboo

February 05, 2018

Why we use bamboo

We’re proud of our sunglasses; their style, practicality and everything that they stand for. But a lot of people ask us, why bamboo? (No seriously they do, we’re not just looking for an excuse to blog.) Granted it’s slightly unusual to have sunglasses made from anything other than metal and plastic nowadays, and well that was the problem.
The waste across the planet is agonising, we’re all finally becoming aware of that fact. Up to 15 billion trees are cut down every year, most of it is wasted and it can take nearly a century for this area to be back to the way it was before, if ever. Did we want to use plastic or metal for our sunglasses? Not really. Did we want to use something sustainable and renewable? Absolutely.
Why is bamboo such a good material to use? Bamboo is lightweight, strong and its hollowness allows it to be buoyant. Its strength to weight ratio is incredible. It’s as strong as steel in tension and even stronger than concrete in compression! But that’s not its only advantage. The true wonder of bamboo is not the material, but the plant itself. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the equivalent area of hardwood trees. It requires absolutely no pesticides or agricultural chemicals and as it’s found in tropical conditions with natural rainfall it requires no extra irrigation. Just plant it, leave it and then cultivate it.
So you might ask why we’re actually cutting it down if it’s so good for the environment? That’s a good question. Bamboo is fast growing and after it’s been cut it naturally regenerates itself. Most hardwood trees can take up to 70 years until they’re able to be harvested in which case the entire tree is destroyed and its stump slowly rots away. Bamboo can be harvested in as quickly as 2 years, all of it can be used and can be constantly cultivated without destroying the plant. It can grow up to 20 metres in just under 2 months and some species of bamboo can grow up to 3 foot each day (no plants on the planet grow faster). Even if the whole plant is entirely harvested the complex root system will grow a new shoot without the need for any additional planting.

Bamboo is good for our environment in many different ways. It’s practical for our customers. Whether or not it could save the planet remains to be seen. Just leave some for the pandas.


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